Oaxaca Flavors Food Tour

Amazing food doesn’t just happen. Behind it are hard working families, fascinating stories, ambitious restaurants and age-old traditions. We are a small group of proud local food lovers who are passionate about sharing Oaxaca’s incredible cuisines with fun, hungry and curious travelers! 

If you're any of the above, you have found the perfect way to explore our beautiful Oaxaca.

First you have to meet the people of Oaxaca to understand why it’s the capital of food in Mexico. It’s humble, working class beginnings helped shape this great City into the historic, cultural, authentic, delicious, friendly city it is today. We want to help you to explore and dig deep into this great City just off the beaten path and away from the hustle and bustle of tourists. You will visit our locals in the very same shops and cafes they’ve been running for generations. (You’ll even experience their unique sense of humor!) You will visit hidden courtyards, wander tiny back streets. Our local guides love to tell you their own Oaxaca stories and legends enhancing your experience while you eat, drink along the sidewalks With your new friends. Take a break from being a tourist and experience the real Oaxaca Flavors with us.

Our 4 hours food tour is so much more than meets the eye: it’s a guided walk through the unique cultural and historical sights of Oaxaca and it’s a substantial meal in the form of two  dozen delicious Oaxaca tastings from plenty of authentic foodie stops along the way- all in one!

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 Reservations cannot be made via telephone

Every group or visitor that comes to us has different needs, interests and expectations. Because of that we treat every one of them individually to make sure that our services will meet their expectations.

Contact us in order to get more information about our private offer including prices, dates and booking rules.

We kindly ask you to book private or group tours not later than 24 hours in advance, otherwise we cannot guarantee that a guide will be available; also, in such case the price will be higher.

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